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Miko Matsumura on Creating “Immortal Software”

Miko Matsumura on Creating “Immortal Software”

2021년 3월 8일

Follow the White Rabbit podcastStart Listening

Miko Matsumura is passionate about open source software and its power to drive evolution by solving human problems.

From an "edgy, transhumanist" perspective born out of his early studies in neural networks and his obsession with the first wave of the Internet, Miko sees the collaboration enabled by open source ushering in a fairer world.

"Open source software is the beating heart of what I am excited about today," Miko said on the latest episode of the Follow the White Rabbit podcast. "What I see in the culture of open-source software and assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum is this idea that the world and the world of financial services can become more consensual, fair and just, more inclusive and transparent and  innovative. And all of this can be achieved effectively at a lower cost."

"This novel form of global collaboration effectively creates 'immortal software' -- that is, software that fundamentally, once and for all solves, a human problem," he said. "Now you have this incredible evolution of the coordination of humans. In a sense, we are building this giant cybernetics organism known as the human species."

Miko is the co-founder of crypto exchange Evercoin and General Partner with Gumi Ventures, an investment fund focused on early stage blockchain startups. As chief evangelist for the Java Language and Platform he participated in the first wave of the Internet, and explains how he is now fully engaged in the crypto-fueled Internet of value.

To hear more of Miko's thoughts on the impact of open source on human rights, why Bitcoin is a social network, and the emergence of ICOs follow us down the rabbit hole. Listen to the conversation here or on your favorite streaming service.

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2021년 3월 22일
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