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Orchid answers the community’s questions in Binance Español AMA

Orchid answers the community’s questions in Binance Español AMA

2021년 2월 23일

Orchid's Derek Silva recently answered questions from Binance Español in a Telegram AMA. The questions touched on Orchid's backstory and mission, as well as recent improvements that make the app available to millions more people around the world and our plans for the coming year. For those who weren't able to make it, here are some highlights from the event.

Orchid's mission and vision

The first round of the AMA focused on the reasons Orchid was founded and its overall mission. Derek related a question that was asked at the time Orchid was founded: "What if anyone could run a VPN node, or build their own VPN network?"

In a few years, this is what Orchid has built. Its decentralized, peer-to-peer architecture is designed to harness the strength of traditional VPNs while offering additional benefits to users through its unique, Ethereum-based architecture. Orchid is already partnered with many of the leading VPN providers. And in the future, anyone will be able to run a node on Orchid: "Once the node software is a bit more mature," says Derek, "We'll be opening up the documentation so that anyone in the world with a desktop or laptop computer can sell bandwidth and earn OXT."

Orchid learns to speak more languages

Many AMA participants, as members of the Spanish-speaking community, asked about Orchid's availability in languages other than English. Derek shared that the latest version of the Orchid app includes support for three new languages, including Spanish. Orchid now speaks a total of nine languages -- in addition to Spanish and English, it's available in Russian, Mandarin, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Italian.

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Orchid's plans for the future

AMA participants were eager to learn what's in store for Orchid over the coming year. Derek was happy to oblige: "We are working on continuing to lower prices, releasing the full Windows client and Linux client, continuing to enhance the node software and making it easily usable for anyone in the world to start selling bandwidth -- and then we will see what's next," he says.

The session concluded with an open question-and-answer session. Community members were curious about a wide range of topics including how nanopayments work, Orchid's multi-hop capabilities, and the project's open-source ethos. You can see the full AMA here.

Community is central to Orchid's goal of making online privacy available to everyone, so be sure to stay involved! We welcome feedback via Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, or LinkedIn.

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