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Orchid’s “Follow the White Rabbit” Podcast is Hopping Onto Audius

Orchid’s “Follow the White Rabbit” Podcast is Hopping Onto Audius

2020년 11월 16일

We are thrilled that Audius, the decentralized, community-owned streaming platform, will start this month to carry our very own Follow the White Rabbit podcast.

Audius's more than 1 million users will now be able to jump down the rabbit hole to hear experts on the struggle between surveillance and privacy, and its implications for human rights and democracy

Audius, an Ethereum app dubbed the "Soundcloud killer" and "Decentralized Spotify" empowers creators to take control of their content and be paid directly by their fans. Audius creators cannot be censored for their art thanks to the trustless nature of the underlying blockchain technology -- unlike centralized platforms such as YouTube that exert control over the artists' content.

Traditionally, the music industry makes billions of dollars each year, while only a small fraction of that money trickles down to the artists themselves, who are often locked into rigid contracts with little agency over how they distribute their work. Audius is different. Late last month, it launched its AUDIO token, distributing 50 million tokens to its top 10,000 power users -- and creators loved it. Luca Lush said: "Audius paid out more money to artists in a single day than most of my peers have seen from Spotify / SoundCloud over their entire careers."

Top artists on the platform include deadmau5, Skrillex, RAC, Alina Baraz and Kenny Beats. At Orchid, we are delighted to be in such great company and proud that Audius selected Follow the White Rabbit as one of its firsts podcasts to be available on its open-source network.

In its 20+ weekly episodes, Follow the White Rabbit has already discussed everything from surveillance in Hong Kong to U.S. voting systems to the responsible data economy. Pioneering developers, advocates, journalists and VCs have all joined host Alex Kehaya each week to explore how technology can preserve privacy, democracy and human rights.

Audius CEO Roneil Rumburg also appeared on the latest episode of the weekly show to discuss his experience in providing a censorship-resistant platform for creators.

To hear more of the debates, follow us down the rabbit hole: listen to the conversation here.

Download the app and join Orchid’s privacy network today!

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