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Orchid’s Latest Update Introduces a Dark-Native Display and More

Orchid’s Latest Update Introduces a Dark-Native Display and More

2021년 9월 23일

We're pleased to announce the release of Orchid 0.9.34, that includes updates to make Orchid's decentralized VPN marketplace even easier to use, more flexible, and more enjoyable for everyone looking for strong privacy when they use the Internet.

The latest update includes a suite of technical improvements to boost functionality. Now, when Orchid is activated, Domain Name System (DNS)  requests will be securely routed to Cloudflare servers via HTTPS. Additionally, Orchid now offers full support for Unstoppable Domains's .crypto domain names as soon as they are activated.

The latest version also includes updates to the Home screen, which now displays the status of a user's VPN connection, account balance, current connection speed, and identity, as well as Orchid's estimated available bandwidth, current network bandwidth cost, and hop settings. All of this information is now front and center—users don't have to navigate around the app to find it.

Additionally, the team has added new features that help users navigate the VPN and understand more about how it works. When a device is in the process of connecting to the Orchid network, the app now displays more detailed information about the connection's current status, as well as the steps involved in the connection process. The app's account management functionality has been updated to clarify each user's account status and make it easier to toggle between configured accounts and identities.

We've also added some design elements that further enhance Orchid's visual experience. The latest update brings aesthetic enhancements for Orchid's mobile and web clients, including dark-native interfaces: all of the app's background screens are displayed in dark colors, with vibrantly colored text and buttons. Dark-mode displays, which can reduce eye strain and make on-screen text easier to read, are increasingly prevalent across digital platforms.

The new design is infused with a tech-forward, retro-futuristic style that invokes crypto's cyberpunk spirit, reflecting the cutting-edge, decentralized technology central to Orchid's operational protocol.

Orchid's goal is to make online privacy accessible to users everywhere and restore the Internet as a place of freedom and exploration. Part of that goal is to make the experience of online privacy as seamless and enjoyable as possible. The latest update moves us closer to that objective.

Download the latest version of the Orchid app today to start exploring the Internet freely.

Download the app and join Orchid’s privacy network today!

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2021년 2월 23일
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