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OXT is Listed on Vauld

OXT is Listed on Vauld

2022년 1월 14일

OXT, Orchid's native digital asset, has been listed on Vauld, a Singapore-based digital asset platform that offers crypto lending, borrowing, and trading solutions. OXT will be fully integrated with Vauld's borrowing, INR trading, and USDT trading capabilities. Vauld users can also earn interest on their stored OXT at a rate of 1% APY, and borrow OXT with a 0.5% interest rate.

OXT is vital to Orchid's mission of protecting online privacy. VPN service providers compete for user payments by staking OXT, ensuring that ample bandwidth is always available to end-users. Anyone can start using Orchid in seconds by purchasing pre-filled OXT accounts for as little as $1 with just an ordinary credit card. And thanks to Orchid's novel system of probabilistic nanopayments, they only pay for the bandwidth they use.

Dr. Steven Waterhouse, Orchid's Co-Founder and CEO, said: "OXT is at the core of Orchid's privacy solution. Listing OXT on a reputable platform like Vauld helps Orchid accomplish its goal of making online privacy accessible to everyone."

Founded in 2018, Vauld has listed more than 200 types of digital assets on its lending and exchange platform. It also offers automatic investing strategies and custom coin baskets that make investing easy for users.

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